Watchdogs CTOS

Wiretapping is the tip of the iceberg. In Ubisoft’s upcoming Watchdogs, the entire city of Chicago is controlled by a central operating system. And this site shows Blume’s plans to expand to your city soon.


The Smart City Program from the Blume Corporation is an innovation in civil connectivity. Through a central operating system, ctOS manages all traffic, emergency and medical issues throughout the city. You don’t need to worry anymore because everything is connected.

Our pledge to the future begins in the heart of Chicago. As one of the most populous and beloved cities in America, it is the ideal candidate for Blume’s revolutionary smart city retrofit. CTOS supports Chicago’s infrastructure through a vast network of interconnected control centers. Complemented by an array of cameras, monitoring businesses, streets, parks and city centers. The result is reduced energy output, reduced maintenance response times and reduced city spending.

With CTos: 195,854 miles of traffic were avoided last year; waiting time in ER has reduced by 23% over the past 2 years; In the past year, a crime has been prevented every 12.5 minutes; Without CTos: traffic congestion hinders businesses and affects your personal life; your community requires more efficient healthcare services; Violent crime is a serious threat to you and your loved ones.


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