Christmas Curious Journey, a campaign held last Christmas at Plaza 66, luxury shopping mall in Shanghai. The goal of the campaign was to promote Christmas sales by creating a bizarre fantasy journey for customers with unique interior design, interactive installations and activities.

Art direction

The creative challenge was to combine luxury aspect of the mall with fashion elements, christmas and fantasy feel together. Inspired by patterns of fabrics and christmas gift paper patterns, we’ve created unique design language built of vibrant colors, sheets of paper and typography.

Design Progress

The team went through a number of iterations and rounds to establish the right look.


The centerpiece of the Curious Journey is the Monolith, 25 feet slim LED column that is playing the journey of the Christmas Bell Girl, a Santa’s little shopping helper.

Interactive Installations

Guests could take a moment to play interactive games or take a look at themselves through the Magic Mirror.


Creative director: Shakir Dzheyranov
Project director: Yanli Zhou
Account director: Jazmine Shao
Technical director: Egmont Meyer, Red Rabbit Studio
Art director: Alan Li
Senior designer: Dimitar Nikolaev
3d designer: Francisco Ross
Motion designers: Kaleb Lai, Nathanael To, Cha Ng, Alan Li

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